Created For This Exhibition  

The theme was to encourage the artistic souls and the non-artistic souls to dare to create something just for this exhibition. All talents were welcome. 

Click on the artwork below to view/play the full image/video. 

Blue Lagoon by Annette W

Height: 600 mm with Terracota Stand Width: 450 Diam. I just like using colours, as it feels good.
Annette W

So You Have A Disability by April W

I hope this piece inspires

April W

Photography by Kiralie C

Pelican Landing and Seagull: Love being out in nature and observing our wonderful wildlife.

Covid Plasma: This image looks like a Covid-19 particle, which reminds me of what we are going through together.

Spring Blossom: Spring blossoms makes me feel glad to be able to get back out into nature.

Kiralie C

Art from the Heart by Victor Harbour Group

The Victor Harbor Grow Group plus Will from Aldinga Group did a kite for the last grow exhibition to celebrate freedom. This one Kim uggested a heart for friendship and love. All 6 of us each decorated a small heart with pictures of things that made our hearts happy. Then as a joint effort we attached them to the large heart. It was a lot of fun and for some of us it was like meditation it had a calming affect on us. So many of us put pictures of animals or pets which was interesting 😊

Victor Harbour Group