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There are many ways you can support GROW

Sign up to our sock subscriptions and help raise awareness of mental ill-health. 

We’ve got a wonderful GROW Wisdom inspired sock collection now available from our eStore – so pull up your socks and help us to Sock it to Stigma and carry our hopeful and healing message to others in need.

Volunteer with US

GROW relies on volunteers to help us lend a hand to people who may be looking for support with their mental ill-health.

GROW has around 300 volunteers across Australia who undertake important leadership roles. In addition to supporting Grow Groups, volunteers help with organising social events newsletters, administration and maintenance tasks.

The GROW team is made up of over 300 wonderful and dedicated volunteer Growers and another 50 staff, all passionate about supporting GROW’s mission to enable people and communities to grow, recover and maintain good mental health.

Reducing the stigma of mental ill-health and raising awareness  of this serious issue, while having some fun,  is what Odd Socks Day is all about!

Celebrate 65

Celebrating 65 years with our global community

Volunteer with us

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