Workplace Giving

Make change right from the workplace

Workplace giving is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to support GROW while also providing great benefits to employers and their staff who choose to give from their pay.

In conjunction with your payroll office and our free payroll agency, you’ll select the amount from your pre-tax pay you wish to donate each pay period and once received by GROW –  we’ll put your donation straight to work.

Your regular donation to GROW helps us provide support for those who are experiencing mental ill-health.

Benefits for you

Your donation is pre-tax so it goes even further – a $50 donation equates to only $33.75 from a fortnightly pay*

There’s no need for receipts or claims at tax time – it’s all on your payslip

Many organisations choose to match employee gifts – doubling your impact

Benefits for business

Organisations that commit to a workplace giving program boost employee engagement, retention and productivity**

It’s easy to track your organisations collective impact and how your support has helped changed and transformed lives

All administration costs associated with workplace giving are tax-deductible

How to get started

A workplace giving program can bet set up directly through your workplace’s payroll system or alternatively, through our free payroll agency, Workplace Giving Australia