Grow Program

Mental health support program

The Grow Program is a mental health support program based on lived experience. This means Grow groups are a meeting of peers, who are striving to develop and maintain good mental health.

About the Program

The Grow Program is based on a 12-step program of personal growth, mutual help and support. The Grow Program is all-inclusive and draws on many principles for mental, social and spiritual health.

At each meeting, members, known as Growers, share how they came to GROW and how they’re exploring self-improvement as they work on their personal recovery. Recovery isn’t a straight road and that’s where the support of other Growers can help. Everyone in the group has opportunities to share their experiences of coping with mental ill-health. 

Joining a Grow group is free – you don’t need to have a referral or a doctor’s diagnosis and groups are confidential. You can even choose to remain anonymous.

Grow Meetings

Our meetings take place in a safe, caring and confidential way, whether the meetings are face-to-face or online (we call our online meetings eGrow groups). 

Grow group meetings are weekly and go for about two hours. The groups vary in size from 3-10 members and newer members are supported  by experienced members who have worked through the Grow Program.

At each meeting, Growers  will have opportunities to share any of their life challenges or issues, but sharing is your choice. Some first-time members choose not to speak or share, and that’s okay. There’s no pressure.

What makes GROW special is the practical advice and the lived experiences that are shared each week by our members. The peer-to peer style of support has been proven to be a positive way of helping you remain on the road to recovery. 

Meetings are free with voluntary contributions welcome.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more, you can call your local GROW office on 1800 558 268. You can also register for Welcome to Grow, our online orientation session. This will give you an introduction to how the meetings work and an opportunity to ask questions. Or, you can search for a group close to you by using Find a Group and just turning up! No registrations are needed.

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