Long Term Favourite Piece

Most artists keep their favourite pieces at home. Via this virtual exhibition thanks to the Gr’art Gallery we were invited to share those longterm favourites pieces with others. The Art of the Heart exhibition has showcased them for you, and we trust that you  appreciate them and you let them warm their heart too.

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Sewing by Sue B

"First steps" are always the hardest, once it is taken, there is no turning back! I chose this entry because it reminded me of the intent on learning new skills and always wanting to extend myself. This was a challenge but worth experimenting with. These 'booties' were given away as a gift 😊

Just For Fun: This was created for my niece’s 18th birthday. Always wanting to try different things, I created this owl cushion using the applique technique. I used blanket stitch for the hand stitching around the applique. It was a fun, easy, relaxing project to do.

New Life: This was such an accomplishment created within 9 months, the time to create new life. Every stitch was a stitch forward as I continually set a task for myself. It was an absolute delight to create this quilt and I look back on it with such satisfaction and joy. This is a very special quilt. From beginning to end it was a journey. It started with a shopping day to my favorite quilt shop with my daughter, to choosing the pattern and fabric together which was a time-consuming process but worthwhile, to the benches that were laden with so much fabric as we mixed and matched, to a beautiful lunch together at Mornington, to the presentation of the quilt to the new parents; these are treasured moments. This quilt was all stitched by hand, it was the most relaxing and satisfying project I have completed. ‘New Life’ not only comes from a new birth, but the name of the baby ‘Zoe’, means ‘Life”. Life is a journey, taken one stitch at a time. There were times I needed to unpick, redo, recut, reshuffle, a bit like our own lives!! Often the fabrics that are chosen to be woven into the fabric of our own lives may appear to be a misfit, but once put together, we make a beautiful quilt that can be admired by many as we allow our true colors to shine through.

Sue B

Ceramics by Julie-Anne

I have always been fascinated by pattern and especially patterns in clay.

Embroidery, Pencil Art and Jewelery by Katherine G

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Loquat by David G

The development of patience and hierarchy. Being that I drew this mostly at night, the high contrast produced by black marker on cream paper reproduces that feel. It was also in part chosen to resemble pixel art, with the interplay of large blocks of black and white. Working with a permanent medium was intended to push me towards finishing and to try to make the right mark first time. It was frustrating, but that lay mostly in the ongoing urge to do anything else rather than finishing. The most experimental element, the planning, went off almost exactly as intended – a unconventional sort of gesture drawing. Unifying the forms is always a challenge with trees, and it was the biggest issue here. Digital side of the work was deliberately simple, as digital makes it too easy to continue tweaking the image far beyond the point of diminishing returns. Note- I don’t recommend to use permanent marker over graphite, BTW – as it turned out, this clogs up the tip.

Poetry by Herta B

It’s Christmas Time Again: At the time I wrote this poem it was intended to be sent in Christmas cards for 2015, but I, never did use it. I read it every year since, wondering should I send it this year.

Some Things I’ve Come To Know: This theme seemed appropriate as I often read through my poem and let myself wander through the really tough time back then, and also think through what I learn from that journey. I wrote my poem “Some Things I’ve Come to Know” in 2014. 

Abstract Art by Tania

This is an abstract piece created using oils and acrylic paints on a 4.5 feet x 3.5 feet. canvas.

Colourful Throw by Tania

This hand crocheted throw over is a recent piece of work.

Christmas Day, India by Joyce H

Christmas Day captures some amazing memories of a December holiday in rural India with friends and all their family members .Prior to this watercolouring this scene in my visual journal, many of us were playing cricket on this field - where the children are playing. An enormous feast was laid out in Indian style and helped us celebrate Jesus' Birthday together.