Navigating the Rough Road Together   

Navigating the Rough Road Together = Life is not always a smooth journey, on the contrary it gets pretty tough and rough at times.  Navigating the smooth and the rough, is a challenge. But if we buddy up with others who also want to navigate the rough days to enable each other be the best we can be, then doing life together encourages hope and strength to endure the rough road which is worth navigating while creating memories around the smooth days to lighten the load. 

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The Rough Road to True Colours by Hornsby Group

This is a video of cardboard houses placed in different aspects of a garden – from darkness, rubbish and black and white to full blooming colour. The idea that we could all make cardboard houses to depict travelling the rough road came from our creative retired art teacher, Anita H. She taught us how to fold paper or cardboard to form houses, and we all decorated and created alternate designs following the basic form. Anitas’ houses were actually art, she folded many paintings in oil and water-colour to make her houses. Wheatley O made a belfry for his house and got our creative juices going by playing on an ancient pump-action organ. Phil P argued the shade of red - or was it pink? And Michelle U made tiny mini houses with birds and polka dots. Susan dB’s creations whilst colourful, were of an artistic level of a left-brained scientist… Once our houses were done, and muffins, lemonade fruits and mulberries eaten, we headed out to the garden to place our houses on ‘the rough road’. We depicted hard times by placing the houses in the chicken scratch at the bottom of the garden, dry and barren, These photos were presented in black and white to depict the bleakness we feel when the road is particularly rough. We chose ‘True Colours’ by Cyndy Lauper for the audio because ‘whatever our physical, mental, social or spiritual condition, we are always valuable’ we all have true colours ‘to play our unique part in Gods’ work’. The chickens joined in. From the barren ground, to the field, to the lush flower garden, the houses became brighter and happier as the rough road was travelled together - ‘the best in life and love and happiness is ahead of us’.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' by Walter L

Even within the dark greyness of the city, something bright blooms: a colourful cup dances amidst cold hard surfaces and to the beat of mesmerising thumping.

Lavender Underlay by Joyce H

When the VIC/TAS Grow Centre was recarpeted this Winter, I recycled the underlay to mulch /weed proof my urban garden. So that is the back drop for these ribbon wrapped Lavender stems. Offset to the side so the underlay can also be showcased and contrasted with the roughness of the hessian underlay with the elegance of the organza ribbon. And Lavender is usually has a restful influence thats worth sleeping upon, where as the rough underlay is durable and withstands being trodden upon.

Joyce H

Dawn of Reconstruction after the Corona Calamity by Joyce H

2020 may go down in history as the year of Corona calamity, for Melbourne, VIC infamous for its most extreme measures of lockdown ever known in the nation. Controversy I trust will be behind us soon, as constructive plans and reconstruction of freedom and the city emerges out of the calamity. No matter what sort of calamity we find ourselves in we are surely lost if we do not have a reference point to clarify where we are and where we need to be. Or as per the photo, where we can swim and where the boats cannot enter on Port Phillip Bay. .

Is there HOPE after Pain? by Joyce H

The 'rough road' does not have to include pain. But when we are met or confronted with inner pain from grief, or trauma, or human conflict etc, hope sees us through the rough towards a welcomed relife and comfort from the current fresh pain or until the old pain/s are integrated back into the timeline of life where they belong and are filed as a memory not as a monument of pain.