Complaints Form

This Policy governs how GROW, ABN 12 008 485 827, a registered charity under the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), shall handle complaints it receives from both, internal and external parties. This Policy also provides information about how individuals can give feedback to GROW.

GROW may not be able to assist You with certain complaint matters, and if this happens,  GROW will do its best to indicate You which organisation or government agency You should contact and that should be able to help You with your  concern.

The objective of this Policy is to promote transparency about GROW’s members accountability for their actions, and about GROW’s commitment in ensuring complaints are handled confidentially and safely.

Oppositely that what You may think, GROW sees any complaints receive in a positive way, once is by hearing from external parties and from internal stakeholders that any organisation can identify, recognise and correct any failures, and improve its performance, services and governance in order to build better relationships.


Complaint means a statement that something was or is unsatisfactory to the community that GROW serves.

Feedback means a comment, critique, opinion, observation, information, suggestion or recommendation made to GROW about its operations, practices, conduct or organisational culture.

Who Can Make a Complaint or Give Feedback to GROW

No one under the minimum age of 18 is allowed to make a complaint or send a feedback to GROW.

If You do not attend to the age requirement and wish to send a complaint or feedback to GROW, You shall be represented by someone attending the age requirement.

If You attend to the age requirement, You can make a complaint or send a feedback to GROW on behalf of a person with any kind of mental disability that affects their capacity to contact GROW.

GROW accepts anonymous complaints if there is a compelling reason to do so, and will carry out an investigation of the issues raised if enough information is provided.

How to Make a Complaint or Give Feedback to GROW

You are welcome to make a verbal complaint or verbally give a feedback to any member of GROW, however, if the matter involves an issue, it is crucial to keep records of all communications and actions taken. For a formal compliance investigation take place and to ensure that a feedback has been properly addressed, it is, therefore, highly recommended that You make your complaint or give your feedback to GROW in writing.

Complaints about privacy breaches must always be made in writing.

All concerns are taken seriously and GROW members are trained to provide effective service to those who wish to make a complaint to GROW.

Below are your options when sending a written complaint to GROW or to give feedback in writing to GROW:

  • By GROW’s website: You can use the “Contact Us” page or the “Provide Feedback” page
  • By post: PO Box 178, Holland Park West, Queensland, 4121
  • By email:

Please remember to specify that your contact refers to a privacy matter if this is the case of your contact to GROW.

What Information You Shall Provide to GROW

Internal investigations vary case per case and will be conducted according to the significance of risks posed by the matter of the complaint received. For this reason, it is very important that your complaint contains enough information to enable GROW to understand the nature of your complaint and the outcome You are seeking.

When you make the complaint, please make sure You identify yourself and to provide your contact details information so GROW can contact you if it deems necessary for the resolution of the complaint, to let You know about any steps taken to resolve the matter and / or to provide You an explanation or apology.

You shall also provide a brief description of the matter including what happened, when it happened, where it happened, any consequences, who was involved, and why You think GROW or any of GROW’s members have acted in any way that was unsatisfactory to You.

If the information You provide to GROW is incomplete and difficult to understand, GROW may not be capable to further assist You.

If You are aware that any laws have been breached, please ensure to include such information in your complaint as well.


Your personal information will be handled by GROW in line with the Privacy Policy available on GROW’s website.

Your identity will be protected where it is practical and appropriate for the resolution of the complaint You make.

Please be aware that if You have identified yourself when making a complaint, there may have situations where GROW will need to provide your personal information to third parties outside GROW’s organisation to perform its duties and functions to seek a resolution to your complaint. By providing your personal information to GROW when making a complaint You acknowledge and agree this practice.

Complaint Resolution Timeframe

It is in GROW’s interest to resolve complaints as soon as possible.

Complaint resolution times will depend on the urgency, seriousness and nature of the issues raised. If a matter concerns an immediate risk to safety or security, GROW will respond and strive to take care of it within 24 hours from when it was received. In any circumstances, GROW will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints.

GROW will endeavour to reply to complaints about the way GROW has managed your personal information or about a breach of privacy within 30 days. Privacy related matters demand internal investigation, however, if You believe You have been a victim of a cybercrime, please contact the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). If You receive a response from GROW in regard to your complaint about mishandling of your personal information or about a breach of privacy but You are unsatisfied with such response, You have the right to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Please ensure You give GROW a reasonable amount of time to respond to your complaint prior to contacting the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

Certain complaint matters may require GROW to contact and liaise with other organisations to resolve it. These complaint matters include the provision of services, quality of the services, use of donations, third party fundraiser practices, fundraising strategy or campaign, fundraising operations, costs of fundraising, and financial reports; for example. Complaint matters such as GROW governance standards, GROW activities and resources, and failures in GROW’s conduct, also demand internal investigation due to involvement of multiple GROW members. However, regardless of the complaint matter of the issue You raise, GROW is committed to attend to your expectations and to keep you in loop about the complaint process, the expected timeframes for GROW actions, the progress of the complaint, if the complaint needs to be escalated, and any potential delays in the resolution process.

If your complaint involves not only GROW, but also another organisation(s); or if your complaint involves multiple departments of GROW, GROW will strive to ensure that communication provided to You is coordinated.

Complaint Management

Complaints will be managed by GROW members different from any GROW members whose conduct or service is being complained about.

Any conflicts of interest occurring from your personal relationship with any GROW member that You address to GROW or that GROW is aware of will be managed responsibly.

Unreasonable Complainant Conduct

If a complainant making a complaint to GROW conducts in any way that is deemed as unreasonable, the progress and efficiency of work of the members of GROW can be significantly affected.

Unreasonable conduct negatively impacts GROW members and can include:

  • Frequent, lengthy, repeated or abusive telephone calls, which occupy significant staff time and resources
  • Frequent letters, emails, or visits seeking resolution of issues beyond the scope of the original complaint or before the agreed resolution due date
  • Seeking information, advice or resolution from a variety of GROW members about the same issue
  • Any contact which involves abusive or threatening language or behaviour
  • The complainant continues to frequently contact GROW after all avenues of complaint review have been exhausted and appropriate explanation about the outcome has been provided to complainant by GROW

GROW is committed to being accessible and responsive to all individuals who make a complaint or give feedback to GROW; however the health, safety and security of GROW members, and their ability to work and perform their functions in the most effective and efficient way possible must be respected.

Depending on the circumstances, GROW may nominate an acceptable form of contact, for example, written communication only; designate a single officer with whom the complainant may have contact; or even restrict the times for and / or frequency of contact.

Decisions regarding limiting contact with the department will be communicated to the complainant in writing. A conduct that involves violence or aggression will be managed as per relevant resources.

Closing a Complaint

After consideration of the complaint and any necessary investigation, GROW will determine the most appropriate outcome to your complaint and inform You about any actions taken and the reasons that led to such decision.

You will also be information about any procedure that has been put in place to avoid new occurrences of similar issues.

GROW will keep records of the complaint process for quality assurance and legal purposes.

Should you have made a complaint to GROW and are dissatisfied with the outcome given, You have the right to contact the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to seek a review of GROW’s decision.