Growing Resilience

Growing Resilience

Free online resilience building course

What is Growing Resilience?

Growing Resilience is a free, online resilience course. Run over six-sessions  designed to help with the immediate mental health impacts of life events including COVID 19, social, emotional and financial hardship, relationship breakdowns and natural disasters such as floods, droughts and cyclones, all while educating you and helping to build individual resilience and hope.   

Why choose Growing Resilience?

Growing Resilience is open to anyone. It’s a free online resilience course accessed via Zoom. Each session is no longer than 60 minutes. You’ll be working with peers within the group and learn ways to deal with your feelings by gaining skills to help your mental health issues through growing your resilience.

How long does the course run?

Growing Resilience runs for six-sessions online and each session will be an hour. You’ll be provided with a workbook which will help guide you through each session, and our program worker will be there to help support and keep the group on track. The rest is up to you! Sign up using the button below and we’ll send you everything you need to get started.

Want to know more?

If you’d like to know more about Growing Resilience, contact us via email  or call 1800 558 268 to speak to your local GROW office.

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