Our 2021 Member Survey results have now been collated. Despite being in a pandemic, the results are consistent with what our members have said in previous years.


We had more than 300 respondents across Australia. 58% of respondents identify as female, 38% male and non-binary respondents represented 1%. Growers from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CaLD) represent 10%, and 2% of our respondents identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

What our survey results also tell us is the ways in which GROW, and attending regular Grow Groups have helped people progress and maintain their path to recovery.

How Grow Groups help

Our survey shows us that attending Grow Groups and using the Grow Program has helped 59% of respondents overcome suicidal thoughts.  32% said GROW has stopped them from a suicide attempt. While we often are not thought of as a mental health organisation working within suicide prevention, these results show us that we are making a difference in people’s lives.

We can also see from the comment section that respondents have strongly indicated personal growth, a sense of community and friendships formed through Grow Groups are very important to recovery. It’s a significant reason why they continue to attend regular Grow Groups.

Interestingly, the results also show that 69% of Growers have reduced the need for professional help. And that 28% no longer need professional help. When it comes to hospital admissions, 83% of respondents say that the Grow Program has reduced their need for hospital admissions.  79% report that the Grow Program has prevented the need for further hospitalisation.

Overall, the responses indicate a very positive result for GROW. The  2021 Member Survey results shows us that Growers are gaining great benefits from the program and attending regular Grow Groups.

For more results, download the results summary here.