We launched an initiative in late 2020 called Welcome to Grow. This orientation session helps participants understand more about how our Grow groups work before they attend their first group meeting. It’s designed to help people overcome any apprehension before attending a meeting and make the next step, a little easier.

Sometimes it can be hard to muster up the courage to attend group meeting.  This is where the Welcome to Grow orientation session comes in. It’s been designed as in introduction to GROW and our groups! We run the session via Zoom each Monday, so it doesn’t matter where you live in Australia, you can still attend.

The GROW program was designed and delivered by consumers. It works on a model of peer-to-peer support and anyone can attend a Grow group. Joining one of our groups doesn’t  require a diagnosis or a medical referral.

The Welcome to Grow orientation can really help people take the next step and find the support they’ve been looking for. These sessions are open to anyone whether you’re a prospective member or an interested organisation wanting to know more about Grow groups.

It’s a great opportunity for people to get a better understanding of the program, the group method and how it can support your mental health. And, it’s completely free of charge. Find out more information and  register your interest here or call 1800 558 268

Welcome to Grow takes place each Monday at 7.30pm (AEDT) via Zoom.