Jane’s Recovery Journey

When I came to GROW, I came “Home.” It was the beginning of my recovery journey.

I was warmly welcomed and felt safe and accepted. I found myself in a nurturing environment; a place where I could and would learn, grow, and change. At my first livein weekend with GROW I experienced a community and found a sense of belonging.

GROW is different. It’s not like reading a self-help book from which we gain insights or like services provided by other mental health organisations where we might undertake a six-week course or attend activities or visit a drop-in centre. It’s some of that, but it’s much, much more!

GROW is ongoing, with structured group meetings, and regular contact with other members of our group between meetings. We learn about leadership and friendship, and we undertake personal growth together by sharing our knowledge and understanding. In GROW, we are loved back to health by a community.

GROW is where I learnt to accept myself and grow in confidence through friendship; My friend believed in me and loved me. He caringly challenged me and affirmed me.

Through using the GROW Program, I have developed my own personal resources for living and so I am able to take responsibility for and maintain my own mental health.

I will give you an example.

Sometimes I slip back into an old pattern of negative thinking. When I notice that this is happening, I remind myself that I have my unique place in this world just like everyone else. I have value, just like everyone else. I apply my reason through positive self-talk, replacing the negative thoughts, that are probably generated by my feelings of inadequacy.

Through practice I have gained both knowledge and understanding of myself. This helps me to push through my anxiety, as I keep my thinking true and my behaviour sound.

The GROW Program has given me a program for living. It is so precious!

Published from Growing to Recovery - Readings for Mental Health Vol 2, available via GROW eStore